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Heavenly Lord Stow’s Egg Tarts

Yesterday, our boss bought another unique merienda treat for us: Lord Stow’s egg tarts. At first, I thought it was not enough since it was small we can only have a piece each but I was wrong. Or maybe I’m just not indulging myself because I am on a diet (hahaha!). So here it goes.

egg tarts

Lord Stow's Egg Tarts

The egg tart had a soft, flaky crust which easily crumbles when you bite into it. As for the filling, it was custard, similar to Beard Papa’s vanilla cream puff, except that it has a more egg-y taste (which is appealing to some). It is not too sweet; it has just the right amount of sweetness which I think weight watchers would approve. And it is slightly burnt on top, but don’t worry it doesn’t add bitterness to the filling. I think one serving of egg tart is enough because it may be small but it can be packed up with calories (think of eggyolks). So I ate the egg tart and it filled me up the whole afternoon.

Lord Stow's

An interesting trivia for you: Englishman Andrew Stow started out Lord Stow’s Bakery and Cafe in Cologne Island, Macau, where it became famous for its egg tarts. As a baker, Andrew only used the freshest ingredients for his recipes, thus, customers get nothing but the best quality for their money. Soon enough, word about Andrew’s “heavenly” egg tarts quickly spread like fire throughout Macau, attracting a huge following, and almost becoming the country’s trademark. Then the success of the egg tarts soared to greater heights as Lord Stow’s franchise branched out to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia namely Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and Philippines. Now, we are so lucky to get a taste of Lord Stow’s egg tarts here, isn’t that amazing? =)